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Please do not use GPS directions to our location.  See directions below.


Welcome to Amicalola Veterinary Services! 

Dr. Ava Talmage and her dedicated staff work hard to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and quality care to your sick and injured farm animals and pets.  We provide routine visits, as well as mobile and emergency services.

Our motto: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Dr. Talmage, a federally accredited veterinarian, works with you to set up nutritional programs, deworming schedules, parasite control, vaccinations and emergency response to fit your unique situation and help you maintain the health of your animal(s). Services are available by appointment at your residence for farm animals and pets that can’t be taken to a standing veterinary clinic. Dr. Talmage also makes emergency  farm visits.  Referrals are provided as needed for small and large animal problems that cannot be handled on the farm or home.  We commonly treat (not an exhaustive list): Horses, Mules, Donkeys, Cows, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cats, Dogs, Chickens.

From Ellijay, at the Gilmer County 1 mile marker and Hwy 515, turn right onto WhiteStone Road. It is the last farm on the right with a white mail box.

From Jasper, At the Gilmer County 1 mile marker and 515, turn left onto WhiteStone Road, It is the last farm on the right with a white mail box.

Services Available: 


Laceration repair

Geldings and castrations for horses and livestock

Spay and neuters for dogs and cats

Abdominal surgery

Skin tumor removals

Splinting of broken legs

*including other surgeries that can be performed on the farm.

Diagnostic Testing

Coggins on horses

Brucella (Bangs Disease) testing and vaccination (including the tags and tattoo) for cows and swine and other livestock

TB testing for livestock

Blood Work for illness and pre-operataive

In-House heartworm testing; ear cytology for mites and infection; skin scrapes; McMasters Fecal Egg Count; fecal floatation

Health certificates for interstate and international travel and competition are provided after an exam.

The equine six month travel certificate is also part of this service.


With our DR radiology system, we can take X-rays of your injured animal out in the field, barn or home. The image is on the computer within minutes and we are able to email


Dr. Talmage is a certified animal acupuncturist and uses acupuncture as part of her complimentary medicine approach to treatment.  When possible, she will use herbs and simple natural substances for healing of wounds and illness.



Vaccinations  include the core equine vaccines recommended by the American Association of Equine Practitioners

Equine:   Rabies, Equine Encelphalitis eastern and western, Tetanus, West Nile Virus.  Flu and Rhinopneumonitis and Strangles are also available.   Annual check ups include examination of your horse’s teeth and floating of the teeth if needed.

Bovine(Cow):  Rabies, Blackleg, Lepto, Brucellosis, and Respiratory Complex 

Goats, Sheep and Llama:  CD&T and Rabies.

Dogs:  Rabies, DHL4PParvo, and Kennel Cough.  Heartworm testing is a part of the annual checkup along with fecal testing.

Cats:  Rabies, FVRCP, and Feline Leukemia along with their annual check-ups.

*Pigs receive vaccinations on as needed basis.

Home Euthanasia:   When the time has come and you have made that last kind , but heartbreaking decision for your animal companion, Dr. Talmage will come to your home.  She respects your decision and does her best to bring compassion and quietness to this difficult time.

Clients who do not have space to bury their beloved horses, Dr. Talmage and her assistant, Jim Fittls will come and pick up your companion after you have said your good-byes.  Taken to Jim Fitts’ farm in Jasper, your horse is respectfully euthansized and buried along side Mr Fitts’ personal animals.

Online Pharmacy

Conveniently order your heartworm, flea and tick control and other products needed for your dog and cat and horses and have them delivered to your home.

        Click here to access our Online Pharmacy.

Neglect and Abuse Cases

Amicalola Veterinary Services works with Georgia Equine Rescue and the Georgia Department of Agriculture to treat neglect and abuse cases.

Dr. Talmage is also available to speak at club functions and other venues providing practical animal health care information.

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